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Love the wavy short hair on you, and your eyebrows.. wow their are amazing :) But most important your nose, it just compliments your face so nicely now. I'm so happy for you, you inspire me and give me the courage to go through this... READ COMMENT

You look so pretty! and your profile looks cute too. You will look even prettier in the following months. Happy for you :) READ COMMENT

You look so pretty. Glad you are happy now :) READ COMMENT

What a great job your surgeon did! you look beautiful :) can't wait to see the results in one month! READ COMMENT

I also made the same mistake as you did, last year when I was 18 I also felt that I rushed things and I was really dissapointed when I saw my nose, it didn´t look bad but wasn´t what I wanted I regretted thinking that I didn´t... READ COMMENT