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Does Ice Compression Really Help Reduce Swelling After Rhynoplasty? (photo)

Hi, i have just had my nose tip refined with ear dorsal cartilage 6 days ago and it still looks bulbous i have been trying ice compression and it seems not work so effectively... READ MORE

Does Pineapple Really Help Reduce Swelling After Ear Dorsum Cartilage Rhinoplasty for Nose Tip?

Hi, i am about 3 weeks post operation, and i can see the improvement of my nosetip from a profile view... however, from the front view, my nose still looks wide and swollen and... READ MORE

4 Weeks After Tip Surgery Via Ear Cartilage Transplant. Depressed? (photo)

Hi, it has been exactly 4 weeks since i had my tip refinement via ear cartilage transplant (open rhynoplasty). i am okay with the profile of my nose, as the tip doesn't drop... READ MORE

7.5 Weeks After Ear Cartilage Augment Rhynoplasty? (photo)

I have had my nose tip added with ear cartilage 7.5 weeks ago, and i am worried about the outcome. the tip is full and round and hard, while both sides of the supratip area is... READ MORE