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Tummy Tuck after 115lb weight loss

Here we go. My pregnancy with my last daughter did me in....I started at 135, and 9 months later....ended up leaving the hospital at 238. I somehow managed to gain all that weight while throwing up almost every day during the pregnancy. I really think it was a hormonal thing. My body just gains... READ MORE

Lost 115 Pounds…and keeping it off :)

The day after I had given birth to my second daughter, I waddled my way over to the scale in the hallway of Kaiser Hospital. I stepped on and took a deep breath. 229 pounds. This was after I had given birth to an 8 pound baby. For months, my knees had hurt from all that weight being put on them.... READ MORE

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Constant Pain in Upper Pubic Area, 2 Months After Tummy Tuck?

The day after my TT I realized that the top right side of my pubic area was way more sensitive than everything else. I just though it was part of the whole process (everything... READ MORE

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Yes I had some upper ab swelling during that post op time frame too. Lasted on and off for awhile. Hang in there, it does go away and I know everyone is different (mine lasted probably til about a year PO). READ COMMENT

Isn't he wonderful??!!! :) READ COMMENT

Got your text yesterday while I was in the car and I forgot to respond. Miss talking to you! Hope you are doing wonderful :) Merry Christmas to you too! I need to find my phone and text you back….lol READ COMMENT

Beautiful pictures :) Merry Christmas xxoo READ COMMENT

I am so glad to read that things are back to normal for you. How's the wedding planning coming along? Or did you guys already get married? :) Merry Christmas beautiful one! READ COMMENT