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Tummy Tuck after 115lb weight loss

Here we go. My pregnancy with my last daughter did me in....I started at 135, and 9 months later....ended up leaving the hospital at 238. I somehow managed to gain all that weight while throwing up almost every day during the pregnancy. I really think it was a hormonal thing. My body just gains... READ MORE

Lost 115 Pounds…and keeping it off :)

The day after I had given birth to my second daughter, I waddled my way over to the scale in the hallway of Kaiser Hospital. I stepped on and took a deep breath. 229 pounds. This was after I had given birth to an 8 pound baby. For months, my knees had hurt from all that weight being put on them.... READ MORE

Questions from sheeney7

Constant Pain in Upper Pubic Area, 2 Months After Tummy Tuck?

The day after my TT I realized that the top right side of my pubic area was way more sensitive than everything else. I just though it was part of the whole process (everything... READ MORE

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You look great! READ COMMENT

How is your range of motion? One gal posted on here that after her chin lipo she couldn't look up very far anymore, or turn her head side to side without it hurting. She said her driving has been affected too! Just curious if that's... READ COMMENT

Keep us posted! READ COMMENT

I am MESMERIZED by your photos! Oh my goodness! What a fantastic job your surgeon did. You look incredible :) READ COMMENT