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15 Months PO: new pictures + my thoughts on food and exercise...

Here we go. My pregnancy with my last daughter did me in....I started at 135, and 9 months later....ended up leaving the hospital at 238. I somehow managed to gain all that weight while throwing up almost every day during the pregnancy. I really think it was a hormonal thing. My body just gains... READ MORE

Lost 115 Pounds…and keeping it off :)

The day after I had given birth to my second daughter, I waddled my way over to the scale in the hallway of Kaiser Hospital. I stepped on and took a deep breath. 229 pounds. This was after I had given birth to an 8 pound baby. For months, my knees had hurt from all that weight being put on them.... READ MORE

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Constant Pain in Upper Pubic Area, 2 Months After Tummy Tuck?

The day after my TT I realized that the top right side of my pubic area was way more sensitive than everything else. I just though it was part of the whole process (everything... READ MORE

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Mommythree…I completely get it. It something I struggle with DAILY. I'm so back and forth with where to spend our money. I told my plastic surgeon after Haiti that I'd probably never see him again (meaning I could not bring myself to... READ COMMENT

Amy my Amy!!!! How are you?? Miss you too. Good to hear from you. Yes I know you know how it is…self control. Hard sometimes, but you're right…don't want to ever go back to that place. It's heating up in was 90... READ COMMENT

Glad you are happy :) Love your new pics. Thank you…it took me about 9 months to lose 90 pounds. The first couple of weeks I lost 20lbs. All said and done it was about a year to lose 115. Mostly lost through diet, mixed in with a... READ COMMENT

There is something I would take every night that has several herbs in it, but one of them being a natural diuretic and having anti-bloating properties. It also contains a natural appetite suppressant so really helps out for when I am... READ COMMENT

It does…it really does. And it stays on for quite awhile. Not greasy though. It smells incredible too. You can put it anywhere….around your eyes, tummy for excess skin, thighs, but I mainly use it for my lips and wrinkles :) It's... READ COMMENT