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Day 5 of revision and lowers

I have been researching upper eyelid surgery for over a year now and am very excited that I am only a week away from having the procedure. I am a 45 yr old single mother of three, work full time, gym it about 3 to 5 times a week in an attempt to get into shape. I am a social drinker non... READ MORE

Chin Lipo - Cant Wait! - Australia, AU

Hi everyone, I have finally scrimped and saved enough to have chin liposuction. I am 45 and have always had a double chin. Admittedly I am 10 kg overweight, but even when slim I had a fat chin. My Dr has not prescribed me to wear a chin strap, which is a concern as everyone else seems to... READ MORE

Questions from Exq

Likely Results for Upper Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I am wondering if someone could tell me by looking at my photo, what sort of result I may expect from my upper eyelid surgery? Thank you for your time READ MORE

Is This Normal? Upper Eyelid Surgery Results 4 Weeks Post-op (photos)

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions I had upper eyelid surgery 4 weeks ago. I notice that my eyelids are still baggy especially in the corner. Do you think... READ MORE

Chin Lipo on Sept 19. Doc Did not Give me Chin Strap? (photo)

I have had chin lipo done o the19th September. My Dr did not prescribe a chin strap. Looks like everyone else has one. Will this affect the overall result? READ MORE

Fat Transfer - can it change my tuberous shape? (Photo)

I am planned to have fat transfer to my breasts in June 14. My Dr said that only 150ml can be transfered to each breast. I have been using Noogleberry for pre-expansion of... READ MORE

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Wow what a wonderful result, I am really looking forward to hearing your updates. Thank you READ COMMENT

Hi Kate, Thank you so much for posting this review, very interested to hear your protocol re BRAVA after surgery. Was the BRAVA on top of the $10000 or was that included in the price? Keep up the great work Kate and may all your... READ COMMENT

Hi Out, how are you traveling? Have you started back on to your Noogling yet? What size dome are you using? I think you can get a hand gague pump with the NB system that may work as the BRAVA protocol is NO hand pumping for the first... READ COMMENT

You have got to laugh at autocorrect! fingers crossed that all your fat stays! How much did your Dr end up injecting into each breast? What is the pro-angiogenic supplements you are taking? Did you take them while you were noogling... READ COMMENT

HI Beth, Yes I have scheduled my Fat Transfer to my breasts in June 2014. I am very excited. I am here in Australia and I previously contacted my this Dr in 2010 but was very disappointed as he could only transfer 150 ml and only 50%... READ COMMENT