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Revision Rhinoplasty Remove the "Fake" Tip of the Nose? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty in 2004 to correct a big hump in my nose but unfortunatly the procedure was badly done, I was also breathing poorly, so I had to make a new one in 2010 with... READ MORE

Which Grafting Technique is the Best for my Case? I Have Pinched Nose and Breathing Problems.

I'm going to have my third rhino procedure in 9 years and I want this to be the last. I have a pinched nose due to the fact that a lot of the alar cartilage was removed during... READ MORE

Why Alar Batten Grafts Becomes Uncomfortable & Pop out (Bend Momently) when You Do a Facial Expression & Contract the Muscle?

I had a open revision rhino-septoplasty & turbinectomy @6 weeks. Since I had a bigger collapse on the left side, a bigger alar batten (septal) graft was placed there. After... READ MORE

Are there any good treatment for internal nasal adhesions?

I had a revision septo-rhinoplasty at 4 months ago and at that time a splint was placed to prevent some scarring on the internal nasal valve area. However it formed again. I... READ MORE

I have a scar web at the internal valve of my nose. I read online that often a skin graft is needed, is it true? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty at 1 year and I have this scar band in my internal valve region, however it's a little bit smaller than the one in the picture. I'm trying to use a... READ MORE