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Fat Girl's Journey to the Flat Side (Part 1) - Regina, SK

I ate too much. Sure, I could blame my current belly situation on my son (he was 8'10, but really, people didn't even know I was pregnant til about 8 months...who am I kidding - it was the food. I ate my way all the way up to 310 pounds, and I thought I was fine. Then I got a nasty flu that... READ MORE

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How Can I Convince a Surgeon to Do a Brachioplasty? Or Am I out of Luck?

Surgeons in my area are moving away from the brachioplasty because of patients ending up unhappy with the scar, so it is becoming very hard to find a surgeon who is willing to... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Arm Lift?

As a follow up to my previous question about convincing a surgeon to do an arm lift, I thought I would provide more detail. I am in Saskatchewan, Canada (not in US), and there... READ MORE

When to Get More Aggressive in Treating Open Section of TT Scar? (photo)

I am 32 days post op full TT. On day 22, part of my scar opened up (photo). My surgeon is three hours away (and he is on holidays), so I went to ER. The doctor put steri-strips... READ MORE

What is the Reasonable Expectation for "Flatness" After TT? (photo)

(10 Weeks Po, Still Swollen but Much Flatter when Laying Down).I have seen many surgeons on this site indicate to people that they will never be flatter than when they are on... READ MORE

Is Myofascial Release As Part of Lymphatic Massage Damaging to a TT?

I am 11 weeks post op TT and my PS suggested massage to help with the swelling. At my massage appointment today, the massage therapist did some deeper massage to "loosen up the... READ MORE

Is there any procedure that can remove excess skin from lower arm (between elbow and wrist?)

10 weeks post arm lift. Healing well with closed scars and full range of motion. Area by elbow will need revision in 6-9 months. Could a lower arm procedure be performed at the... READ MORE

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Recovery after tummy tuck

I am planning on having a tt done in late june 2013, and I am wondering about the recovery time.   My question is two parts....first, going back to work...I work in an... READ MORE

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I found when I went back to work, I needed to work from home so that I could put in my hours, but alternate periods of activity with periods of rest....could you possibly work from home? READ COMMENT

I have had a breast reduction, a TT, and an arm lift, but all as separate procedures. The breast lift will give you the least amount of paing - hardly noticeable really. The arm lift and the TT were not painful at all for me, however,... READ COMMENT

Privacy breaches are NEVER were right to file a greivance (part of the reason I went to Regina instead of staying in Stoon - I work for SHR and this was my business, not theirs!). Hopefully that is resolved to your... READ COMMENT

My sides aren't sore, but by the end of the day, they are tender to the touch because due to the muscle repair, they are now in a new position (or I guess you could say they were out of position before and are now back where they... READ COMMENT

You should post some new front and side pics (even with the dressings on) cause even if you are still swelling (believe me I know about that!), the changes should be pretty freaking amazing......and going back to work and getting back... READ COMMENT