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Live and Learn, my Journey

I never thought i would be one to regret a tattoo and yet here I find myself regretting and hating myself for it. To start I have multiple tattoos, the others I love and am happy with. I have one tattoo on the upper portion of my right arm of a koi, water and a banner reading "cure SMA",... READ MORE

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Dr Says No!? Second Opinion About Breast Aug After Breast Feeding For 15 Months? (photo)

Before having my daughter I was a 34 A, I'm 5'6" and generally around 130-145 lbs... After pregnancy and during breastfeeding I went up to a 36 D and loved it but of course... READ MORE

Minor Scar Tissue and Laser Tattoo Removal? (photo)

I have a question. I have a tattoo that was placed November last year, it hurt so bad to be placed and the lines blew out in some areas and in others were raised for weeks... READ MORE

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100 Days of Happiness!

I've decided to start a challenge with you all that I read about... 100 days of happiness!!! Simple right... every day for the next 100 days, STOP and reflect on ANYTHING that... READ MORE

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K I would have to agree, I've accepted mine will have a scared outline but scars fade through time... The ink is what I want gone... It's an amazing success story but I understand your struggle... I get weird when I'm close to someone... READ COMMENT

It's amazing to think back to where I started... I honestly thought horrible, depressing crazy things back then... I thought my life was over! But here I am... I still get self conscious but for the most part it isn't me anymore READ COMMENT

Well don't get me wrong it's still VERY there but considering where I started I'm happy... I agree I've lived my life as well.. I recently obtained a new job too! As of the 27th I'll officially be an admin assistant to the fire chief... READ COMMENT

They are using the Astanza duality now... At first it was the revlite... I have not tried the r20 method, I have been cautious because darker skin tone is more probe to scarring... I already have scars from placement and don't want to... READ COMMENT

No actually design, just making piece with the idea that ink may still be on my arm... I will trust the laser as far as I can... Then I'll evaluate... But I have made peace... So if in a couple years it's still so much there, or I... READ COMMENT