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Live and Learn, my Journey

I never thought i would be one to regret a tattoo and yet here I find myself regretting and hating myself for it. To start I have multiple tattoos, the others I love and am happy with. I have one tattoo on the upper portion of my right arm of a koi, water and a banner reading "cure SMA",... READ MORE

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Dr Says No!? Second Opinion About Breast Aug After Breast Feeding For 15 Months? (photo)

Before having my daughter I was a 34 A, I'm 5'6" and generally around 130-145 lbs... After pregnancy and during breastfeeding I went up to a 36 D and loved it but of course... READ MORE

Minor Scar Tissue and Laser Tattoo Removal? (photo)

I have a question. I have a tattoo that was placed November last year, it hurt so bad to be placed and the lines blew out in some areas and in others were raised for weeks... READ MORE

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Time off doesn't hurt! I waited since December and barely got treated again yesterday... The ink continued to fade! And my skin was given a chance to heal. It's not easy. But physically and emotionally helped me a lot , not a bad idea... READ COMMENT

Personally I love the candid responses!!! You never know who is out there reading and feeling the exact same way... I prefer the honesty.... I know I have turned my review into almost a blog... But I've received message thanking me... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry to read that you are so down! I'm sure we all still struggle on occasion. I may sound brave on my review but I sit here day after treatment so bummed that I even have to go through this for not thinking well enough to begin... READ COMMENT

Aww K, thank you! I figured you posted yourself! So I could be brave too! :) the clinic had a new laser so it was a more intense treatment. Swelling and bruising like normal... Hope it pushes things along. :) and in case anyone asks, I... READ COMMENT

Yes!' More feminine, that was my issue with the original piece... I feel it's too dark, if it was feminine and had girly colors id love it! I still have the same plans... I don't want anything past my elbow tho... So moving forward with... READ COMMENT