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I have been wanting this surgery so long now is the time to get it. i have 3 kids and i had a c-section so now i have a kangaroo pouch and i want to know will a dr be able to get my stomach flat? i have fat on my stomach n lower back. i want to get a bbl and lipo. i weigh 190 do i need to lose... READ MORE

i'm really - Houston, TX

The time is getting near n I am oh so ready. Its been a long journey but it's time for me to take care of me. If any if u bbl sister's are needing help with ur travel/hotel accommodations. I am a travel agent that can get u low prices n also in a hotel that's in the area of the dr's office... READ MORE

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Is it Necessary for Clients to Give Themselves Shots After BBL?

I was told that after the clients have the bbl surgery that some dr's have been giving them syringes with medication so that they can give themselves shots after the surgery to... READ MORE

Do Any Dr's in the South Take No Patient Left Behind Loan Please Come Forth?

I'm looking for a dr in the south that take nplb loan's because I want to get my surgery done in the south. Thanks in advance. READ MORE

I want to know a figure of price for the bbl?

With the pricing for the bbl does it include the anesthesia operating room the garment and lab work? I have a kangaroo pouch from a c-section and I want aggressive lipo for a... READ MORE

Clearance From Primary?

If i choose to get a bbl out of my state would it require a clearance from my primary dr if i don't have any health problems. i was told that clients have to inject lovenox... READ MORE

Bbl Surgeon in Cali That Finance???

Seeking a bbl surgeon in the Cali area that finance bbl surgery? Looking to get it done asap with no delay in consultation and appointment. Need a surgeon that has no long... READ MORE

After Care of a Bbl Surgery?

What is all recommended for after care? What medication is proscribed? Can medication be taken over the counter for the pain? READ MORE

Over 45, How to Prep and Get Ready for BBL?

I want to get the bbl surgery done I want to know what is needed for the sx to get done? What medication do i have to take to get ready for the sx? I am a 38DD bust 35 waist... READ MORE

What Medical Clearance Do I Need to Get BBL?

I want yo get a bbl done but I don't have a primary dr and I know with my age it is required. Do any dr's know where I can get a medical clearance done so I can get the surgery... READ MORE

Is a tummy tuck necessary?

I have lost 10 lbs from my 197. Is it necessary to get a tummy tuck my total body fat has went down to 36% will it be needed? My stomach is a little tight not much extra skin I... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a butt lift?

I am a 49 yr old african american female. My bmi is between 27-29%. I weigh 209 lbs but it doesn't look like it. I am a 38DD. waist 38, hips 42. READ MORE

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Hey chica...Did he say you we're okay with the weight or is he saying you need to lose some weight bc a lot of dr's are telling me I need to lose. I don't see the weight it's only in my stomach nowhere else. I want this surgery like asap. READ COMMENT

Chica u look marvelous...Dr.O did that u are snatched to the godz!!! He is Miami best kept secret. READ COMMENT

I'm 5'5 and I know going to have to get some weight off me before I have the surgery. What was total cost you were quoted at? I plan on having it this year hopefully before summer comes in good. What app did you use for your after... READ COMMENT

I was thinking about going to Hasan or Fisher myself. My BMI is 29 I weigh 219lbs but its solid it dont look like that heavy. i see it in my stomach and breast area but I wqnt this surgery done like yesterday. Where did you get your... READ COMMENT