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Damon Braces in NYC/Brooklyn. Correcting my Overbite, Overjet, and Crooked Teeth. - New York, NY

My front teeth came out last as a child so when the adult teeth came in there was no room and they overlapped. I have always hated my teeth and smiling, but now I am an adult and can afford braces. I just got them put on last week and decided to go the Damon route because I did not want a mouth... READ MORE

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NYC - Is There Any Affordable Way to Fix This? (photo)

I have spent my whole life miserable and hating my teeth and smile. It has affected everything in my life and I no longer want it to! I am starting to save money to fix my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Veneers on Only the 2 Front Teeth? (photo)

After consulting with dentists it was pointed out to me each time that doing orthodontics on an adult might offer less than desired results. I am now looking into veneers, the... READ MORE

What Should I Look for in an Invisalign Provider?

I am currently in the process of saving up for Invisalign. In the mean time I am researching a list of providers in my area to decide who I want to consult with before settling... READ MORE

When to extract teeth when getting Braces? Extractions add over a year to the treatment time yet not required? Confused. (photo)

I was diagnosed as a Class 2 Div 2 Malocclusion with .8mm Overbite and .4mm Overjet. I definitely want to go the Damon braces route. My concern is that I was quoted as two ways... READ MORE

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It is so worth it! I obviously can't compare but from what I see in the office I think the Damon's are more comfortable, only getting bigger wires hurts for a few days. I did create a collage and the results are way more impressive when... READ COMMENT

My ortho is the wife, the dentist is her husband lol so I switched full care to here because of it, and I like them both, my old dentist did a cleaning before I got them put on, but I hadn't had any since, I just do not want those ugly... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the ease of mind! I did have the cement put on my back brackets when they kept popping off. I have had NO issues with wires coming out and my brackets are much easier to eat with now. I have an overbite too and I noticed it... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your review. I am waiting to reach my weight loss goals before getting work done, I have been hoping to see lots of reviews for Dr K before I choose a dr! Do you have before and after photos? READ COMMENT

Paint it on with a qtip but it doesn't last long, this is the slowest method. Fastest method is to use it as a mouth wash for at least 30-60 seconds diluted with an equal amount of water, or mix it with baking soda and toothpaste to brush. READ COMMENT