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24 Yr Old, 5ft 98lbs Fit Mother surgery Abroad - Thailand

Im still torn between stem cell fat grafting which is being performed by surgeons in thailand or buttock implants. With buttock implants i do feel this is a permanent, more garanteed solution to my problems, however i have also been doing my researching regarding buttock implants, and as much... READ MORE

Fat Transfer and Vaser Hi-def Sp Clinic Bangkok - Thailand, TH

Well iv written a very detailed review with what iv learnt regarding stem cell fat transfer (i couldn't decide on implants or fat transfer) - so iv decided ... Both lol. (ill copy the info onto this review at the bottom) As my fat transfer is going to be done seperate from my implants, and... READ MORE

Questions from sh0rty

DIY Lip Filler FAIL, Removing/reducing the Scar Tissue? (photo)

Ok please don't criticize me for doing this, as I am already kicking myself for it, but 2 years ago I purchased dermal filler from, and after watching... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

I gain weight in the areas around my butt,never my actual butt-only way i could acheive semi decent lookin rear end was2lose excess weight so i lost fat in prob areas (love... READ MORE

Brazillian butt lift, what kind of fat tissue is better for Fat Grafting? (photos)

I have a ? regarding fat types.Are results more successful depending on Adipose tissue one fat (Intramuscular fat,Subcutaneous fat,Visceral or "deep" fat)better for... READ MORE

After fat grafting, whats the aim?

Just wondering in regards to fat grafting, after the surgeon injects the fat - what is the next aim, is it to increase blood flow in this area, massaging the dead cells out,... READ MORE

getting butt implants what size and implant location would i benefit from?

So iv decided on getting butt implants&will venture to thailand (aus is way to expensive) iv been doing lots of research on pros/cons of implants placement,but little info is... READ MORE

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butt implants bent over

For women contemplating buttock implants, why are their no photos which show how buttock implants look when bent over? is the implant visible? iv googled for hours looking for... READ MORE

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Hey i just noticed you have incisions on your upper abs... what type of lipo did you get? READ COMMENT

Hi Befab, no need to be concerned yet, as i read it takes 6-9 months for the true results to show. Thats good that your massaging those lumps, i did the same... i had breast augmentation aswell so i guess the double surgery is what... READ COMMENT

I swelled up so much i looked pregnant, it was crazy, i went from 42kg to 50+kg when my swelling took place aprox 3 days after surgery, then resided 2 weeks after, then just came back in ugly swelling lumps and bumps.... im still... READ COMMENT

In regards to scarring, thats determined by your body type, some people are more prone to particular colored / types of scars, in generally goes by the type of skin colour you have, ethnicity, and your genes. My scars are paper thin,... READ COMMENT

Look at you with you lovely feminine S curve, your butt looks great!! regarding Numbness, dont be to concerned, im 5-6 weeks out and i still have numbness just above my buttock area, it will resolve in time iv been told, so nothing to... READ COMMENT