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Primary Surgery 3/2013 Revision 4/2014. California, CA

I wanted this surgery for a long time, and once I discovered it, I was enthused. I found a surgeon was comfortable with, and could afford. I had the surgery friday, and expected to be back to moderate activity by Monday. My regret is not having allowed enough time afterwards to recover. I... READ MORE

Summer 2013 BA

I am 20 yrs old and want to get breast augmentation due to going through pregnancy and nursing. I have deflated mom boobs, with no volume, and the right is a bit larger to than the left, including the nipple. Let me tell you, I searched, and searched, and searched, and searched some more... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy for Large Breast Veins - Boulder, CO

When I was pregnant and breastfeeding large thick blue veins appeared in my breasts. That was around five years ago. Just this year I had breast augmentation done and found it impossible to fully enjoy my results because I couldn't see past the veins that ran through my aereolas and all around... READ MORE

Questions from surgeryexperience

Labiaplasty Wedge Problem? (photo)

I had the wedge method of labiaplasty performed and had abnormal edema,antibiotic given. A week after surgery I went back in to get the left labia re-stitched because the... READ MORE

Would It Be Appropriate to Ask for a Refund for Labiaplasty? (photo)

Unexpected healing complications occurred- stitches fell out due to dramatic swelling. It has been three months and I am still extremely sore. Doctor was brief prior to... READ MORE

My Skin Looks Pre Maturely Aged? (photo)

I have acne and used to pick a lot. Now I use an extractor on an antibiotic using benzoyl peroxide wash and differin. How ling before my skin shows improvement and what to do... READ MORE

Are family members working secretly in the office a conflict of interest?

After meeting my surgeon, his two office girls, booking and having surgery I do some online research to find out that the surgeon is married to one of the girls. They have... READ MORE

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Just wanted to share that I have tried EVERY style of Victoria's Secret Bra, and can't seem to get a proper fit, OR a comfortable fit.  Well, I figured out I am a 32 DDDD,... READ MORE

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I had laser done. So smooth and baby soft. I used to have trouble with shaving and break out. Now if hair grows in it is very fine. It has taken numerous treatments and now I just get touch ups maybe 3 times a year. I went... READ COMMENT

Ok I didn't know they rounded out, yeah hopefully mine do. Thanks READ COMMENT

Sorry I was a bit unclear. On ME the incision seems very straight that's why I was hoping to see what yours looks like a raised arms READ COMMENT

Hi your results turned out beautifully. I'm recovering from a revision with full breast lift at all. I'm actually seven weeks out and only tape under one of the breasts has come off. Its a long time for it to be on there..I read bits... READ COMMENT

Were there any other directions that were important? Thanks! READ COMMENT