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You can salt wash the eyebrows. rub the area down and rub fine salt into the tattooed area, allow it to scab and pigment will be drawn out by the salt you can also use baking soda as this has a natural pulling action READ COMMENT

I have had fillers for past 10 years and the trouble is i think if you use them all the time and then go back to baseline your face has aged as it would have done and you would have got used to it gradually instead you go from one... READ COMMENT

You need to go to my surgeon, one time to take out 12 lumps and less than a $1000 to do it, sounds like your surgeons are ripping you off as much as juveni makers did READ COMMENT

I totally agree, doctors and nurses charge fortunes and are getting rich and still dont know how to inject, they cause more problems than the small majority trying to save money. If sellers online are conmen like juveni that is where... READ COMMENT

They are hard lumps and if you pierce them trying to get it out it goes into an abscess. The trouble is with the subtance is that it forms a biofilm around itself and antibiotics cannot penetrate it to take out the infection. if you are... READ COMMENT