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Sorry to keep bothering you, but you are really inspiring me to make this happen. Can you give details, silicone gel under the muscle, profile, stuff like that. I am getting excited to do this! READ COMMENT

Perhaps you said, but did you have silicone or saline implants. Your scars look fairly short. I worry a lot about the scaring as I am a nudist and a burlesque performer. READ COMMENT

Your before breasts look a lot like mine. I worry that my nipples are too bar apart, but that seems to not be a problem in your post op photos, that is nice. I am also concerned about the scar because I am a nudist and perform... READ COMMENT

I am keeping an eye on pricing as well as quality reviews. This is a very good price. What implants/ procedure did you get? Naturally going from a D to an AA... wow. READ COMMENT