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I Am 5'9", 130lbs Wear a 34 A (Small A) I Will Be Modeling and Need a Very Natural Look?

Is 275, 300 or 325 silicone moderate best for me? I buy VS push up bras now and I don't even fill that out but I have to have my breast look like I haven't had implants... READ MORE

I Am 5'9" Weight 130, Need to Know if 275 Cc is Too Small for my Body Frame...I Wear 34a Bra?

I am trying to figure out is 275, 300 or 325 cc silicone implants are best for me...I really need to be as natural as possible because I am a model!! Also after I get my... READ MORE

I Am 5'9"/130lbs and my Chest Measures 13.1and 13.3. My Breast Measures at 12.5?

Should my implant measure the same size?? I need as natural as possible, as I am a model!! I can't decide between the 275, 300 or 325cc, my PS says I need the 325cc moderate... READ MORE

I Was 6weeks Post Op and One Night I Pulled on Something and my Right Breast Started to Hurt?

Hurt really bad and got huge!! I then felt a pop, I had to go to ER the pain was so bad. I went to my PS within a day and he was ready to operated but the swelling had gone way... READ MORE

I am starting to get a hollowness under both eyes....

I am 50yrs old and do to age and always being thin I am starting to see hollowness under both eyes. What facial filler can be used to fill in these areas?? READ MORE

Where is the best placement of Botox to get a good eyebrow lift?

I have had Botox done several times and with different injectors (as they leave the practice) would love to know the best placement of Botox to get a really good eyebrow lift. READ MORE

I have hollowness on the outsides of my under eyes (not in my tear trough area). What is the best filler to use?

I have a little hollowness under my eyes (only on the outsides of my eyes...not in my tear trough area) what is the best filler to use and how much is needed?!! How many... READ MORE

I've had two surgeries to fix my droopy eyelids but I see no difference after 2 years. Can I fix this without surgery? (Photo)

I Had eyelid surgery to fix my droopy eyelids and had to go back to plastic surgeon to have more done to my right eye (as it was still sagging and uneven). I never knew my... READ MORE

Can someone recommend a good Doctor/PS in the Raleigh/Durham area to inject facial fillers?

Can someone recommend a good Doctor/PS in the Raleigh/Durham area to inject facial fillers ??? I have some under eye (outer only) hollowness and have read so many horror... READ MORE

1 week post op Restylane injected at the corners of my eyes. I have uneven, lumps, and crepey skin. Is this normal? (photos)

I had Restylane injected at the corners of my eyes one week ago and I now have some unevenness and lumps on right eye and under my left eye the product seems to also be messed... READ MORE

Can you take a diuretic prior to getting facial fillers? Does it help reduce the chance of getting water bags under your eyes?

Can you take a diuretic prior to getting facial fillers ?? I am getting restylane under eye area and wonder if taking a diuretic (water pill) a few days prior helps reduce the... READ MORE

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I am so sorry you are going through all of this but please know you are gorgeous. It's hard when doctors we trust lie and don't take responsibility but you are still beautiful. Sending hugs and I know you will look stunning at your... READ COMMENT

I met with Andrea a week ago about filler and LOVE her!! How are you liking your results so far?? Do you notice any difference in your skin?? READ COMMENT

I know that feeling (because after having any cosmetic procedure we are more critical of our face and notice everything) but from looking at your pics you look beautiful and I think there is still swelling. READ COMMENT

I first want to say you look beautiful !! I think you still have a lot of swelling and it takes months (almost 6 months) for the healing of your eyes. It's hard but hang in there pretty girl :) READ COMMENT