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Best Rhinoplasty/Revision Surgeons

Hi, i am new to this site, always read through but now actually signed up. My situation is as follows - I have had 3 previous rhinoplasties, the last one was about 8 years ago.... READ MORE

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I understand and i am going through what you went through with your previous four surgeries. I am extremely happy for you and your results give people like me confidence and hope. Can i ask you a few personal questions about your four... READ COMMENT

Have to agree, this seems to good to be true. A result like this for a 5th rhinoplasty surgery? You will be hard to find results like this for a first surgery let alone a fifth! Also cannot find any information on the doctor online....... READ COMMENT

Hi, i am looking for my Fourth surgeon myself. I must admit, this seems to be good to be true. I have never ever in my life seen such an amazing nose after 5 operations! Even with a primary a nose like that would be amazing, but after 5... READ COMMENT

Had another look at Dr Richard Davies' work and im not impressed with his frontal views at all. The before pictures are narrower from the frontal view then the after pictures. READ COMMENT

Just had another look at DR M and it seems that all the negative reviews comes from BREAST/LIPO work. When it comes the rhinoplasty/revision rhinoplasty - all reviews are positive from what i have read. I feel sorry for the patients... READ COMMENT