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Worth It - Bay Area, CA

Had an upper bleph about ten mos ago and so far, so good. Had the tired look and always knew I'd do something about it so it was no surprise to any of my friends. Pro's: Was amazed how seamless the whole procedure was. I used a highly recommended ocular/orbital ps who only does eyes and... READ MORE

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Hi Brownderby, great news that the bulge is disappearing. It makes sense that a blocked duct perhaps contributed to this, maybe something to do with the internal drainage system? For massage, I used my clean ring fingers (more padding... READ COMMENT

My PS extended the cuts to the outer corners on both eyes (upper bleph) and ended it into the natural crease. It looked like slight shadowing on each eye and was obvious mostly to me. These corner cuts healed the slowest btw ie., pinky... READ COMMENT

I'm glad it was helpful. the first mos are turbulent and healing is inconsistent which I found frustrating. from what I've read, lower blephs take a bit longer to settle but the results look amazing. my uppers felt a little tight at... READ COMMENT

Thanks. saw your photos and you look wonderful! there were days when my left eye ('bad' eye) looked more puffy than the right which can look asymmetrical. if anything, my overly critical self thought I looked surgical or 'done' lol. at... READ COMMENT

Had only uppers done and the ps's cut lines extended to the outside corners on both eyes and into the creases. for me, these 'extension' cuts healed more slowly. they stayed pinky/red looking and had mini suture bumps for months. at... READ COMMENT