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36 Yo Female, Breast Augmentation - Implant - Vaser Hi Def Lipo - Arms, Knees, Abdomen, Love Handles, Waist - Thailand, TH

I am on my 6th day post surgery Have done breast implants - 275 ml tear drop shape - and Vaser Hi Def on arms, knees, abdomen and love handles. The pics are from before THE CLINIC - NARAVEE AESTHETIC CENTER (Bangkok - Thailand) The good. The clinic is neat, clean, has good reputation and... READ MORE

36 Yo Breast Implant & Vaser Hi Def Done. Thailand, TH

Hi Everyone!! I am on my 6th day post surgery Have done breast implants - 275 ml tear drop shape, my breasts were saggy and I wanted a lift more than anything! I have also done Vaser Hi Def on arms, knees, abdomen and love handles but there was not enough fat to lift my breast the Dr said The... READ MORE

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Which Clinics Are Performing Cellulaze in Australia?

How can I find out where to get Cellulaze done in Australia? READ MORE

Breast implant & Vaser Hi Def done. Feel huge. How to get rid of the swollen? Any foods to help flush fluid off the body?(photo)

Pictures from before surgery. will post new pics tomorrow, after 1 week Implant 275ml, tear drop shape. Have asked the doctor to use an implant so I don't get big boobs (want... READ MORE

I had 900cc of fat removed 30 Aug 2014, and 6 days before, 900cc with vaser hi def. Is it too little? How much weight? (Photo)

I have done many areas, abdomen, waist, love handles, lower back, upper arms, back of shoulders and knees READ MORE

Do I need to wear rolls inside garment after abdominal Vaser Hi Def to get the lines? For how long & what's importance?(photo)

I am wearing rolls inside the abdominal and arm garment after doing vaser hi Def. They are quite uncomfortable and I want to stop wearing them. Also the garments itself. I got... READ MORE

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Hi Bella, I like but it still early days, I have lots of lumps on arms and abdomen, numbness in some areas, and pain. Don't see much difference on knees. Arms do look smaller but I can not see the Hi Def I have paid for. Really looking... READ COMMENT

I will post the photo! I was asked to wear sticks inside the garment on abdomen and arms (Hi Def areas) I always thought Hi Def was done by the surgeon during surgery, therefore not sure if the stick are a must and how much difference... READ COMMENT

Thanks Isabel! Yes there was not a lot of fat to be removed. The doctor told me that people with little fat are the ideal candidates for hi Def Let's see!! Beasts starting to look better, still very painful. Body not as swollen but... READ COMMENT

Recovery has been painful, specially beasts! Will post more pics shortly! Thanks for the compliment!!! :):):) Xxx READ COMMENT