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I Have Crohns: Can I Get Radiesse or Any Filler?

I want more chin. So I decided to Get filler. My PS said Radiesse and Restylane. I have an app this month. After seeing that MOST reviews On Radiesse are horrible. (bruising... READ MORE

I have Crohns, Has any doctor here seeing this has had a paguen who has had an allergic or immune reaction from any filler?

Please!The Plastic Surgeons and certified dermatologists here on Real Self, please answer me this question. Im 27 male and would like to have Radiesse on the chin and some... READ MORE

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Hi! Weren't you scared of the horrible reviews of Radiesse here?about allergic reactions and cause imune reactions. I'm really scared about that :(. Did you ask your doctor if he has had patients which have had alergic or imune... READ COMMENT

On YouTube there are no bad reviews about Radiesse. Everyone goes to YouTube now a days. It would be a really good platform for warning people about what happens. I don't get why there are no bad reviews. I really was expecting at... READ COMMENT

Are implants really safer? Or pretty much as dangerous as Radiesse? :/ I've been wanting to know that. Since they are made of silicone and silicone can cause an allergy or reaction, then I thought they were dangerous. READ COMMENT

Hi Dr. Calkin. Have you had any patients that have had allergies or immune reactions to Radiesse or any filler? READ COMMENT

Yes jeje but it only happens when you flip the camera view to you. You know, at the top right when you are taking the foto appears like a little icon with a camera and the arrow flipping. If you click it. The when you snap the foto,... READ COMMENT