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When does a surgeons age become an unacceptable part of the risk surgery?

I would like to ask the 'panel of experts' if there is an age beyond which the surgeon’s age becomes an unacceptable part of the risk of surgery? The surgeon I am considering... READ MORE

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Why given a second chance I wouldn't have plastic surgery again

Following a poor outcome from a midface lift and eyelid surgery I had  6.5 months ago, I wondered how many others (like me) who have had a less than desirable result... READ MORE

Tear trough correction

Has anyone had surgery to correct a tear trough deformity? Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a successful procedure and can share their experience of how it was... READ MORE

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I was about to book my sessions for Obagi treatment but now thinking again! The doctor said it didn't hurt and it was a two stage process. She would apply one layer and wait. If you tolerated it she would apply a second layer. She did... READ COMMENT

Surely an occuloplastic surgeon is the best person to go to for anything to do with eyes, as they specialise in the subject and would know the eye anatomy better than any other doctor practising plastic surgery? The cosmetic component... READ COMMENT

Hi bettybulb. I wasn't sure if your comment was addressed to me or kitty95. If its me you're asking. I'll be happy to pass on the surgeon's name but please send me a PM. I am reluctant to post his name here as it might look as though I... READ COMMENT

Who's doing your rhinoplasty? There is only one specialist nose surgeon in Ireland who's results I have seen that were impressive. I hope HE is the one you've chosen. Hope it turns out well. Good luck. READ COMMENT

I realize that nothing I say is going to discourage someone very determined from having surgery as I was that person myself one. I convinced myself that having done everything to minimize all the potential risks, all would be well.... READ COMMENT