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Never ever have this crap again i now have high blood pressure from this poison. READ COMMENT

It was md office. oregon ohio READ COMMENT

I had a similar experience as you. had my cosmetic botox poison in oct. 2012 still suffering. was never told by the doctor of any possible side effects.the fda knows about this toxin. and they still allow it to be administered. its... READ COMMENT

I agree one hundred percent.a lot go gp doctors are getting out of medicare and insurance because of all the cutbacks and are doing cosmetic procedures which is my case, and they are not telling you there could be any side effects. READ COMMENT

My natural doctor believes that amino acids are a better way to detox. botox is a neuro toxin. saunas. nebulizing with gluithotine .at this point i just want this crap out my body. READ COMMENT