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Interested in Having a BBL, However Had Spinal Pelvic Surgery in 09 and Had Hardware in Pelvic Ring?

I want to have a Brazilian Butt Lift Provedure. I had spinal pelvic surgery in 2009 and had hardware put in my pelvic ring. The hardware was removed in July of 2012 however my... READ MORE

Smart lipo triplex/ bbl after?

I had smart lipo Triplex on my lower and upper abdomen. I am becoming very interested in doing a Brazilian Butt Lift. My question is will I had smart lipo Triplex on my lower... READ MORE

I like the size of my nose, just not the tip and front droop. My nostrils look like you can see the inside. How do I reshape it?

Rhinoplasty / tip of nose. I like the size of my nose, just not the tip and how it is hook like I am not sure of the correct term of what it is called bulbous tip? Anyways how... READ MORE

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If he's so greattt!!! Why do you not have any pictures! That is what this site is for. To help others make a knowledgable decision and sharing your journey with others so that one another can make valid decisions and learn about each... READ COMMENT

Looking FaB ;-) #Question: I read your post about chantix and quitting smoking. I am having the same issue! I really want to quit in general for my Health/ Child and have been looking I to this procedure for a while now. :-(( Any... READ COMMENT

Post a photo if there so Great then!! READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing your story :) READ COMMENT

Hi Randall651 Could you give me any advice as to how I can get an appointment with Dr. Brandt considering he seems like a Saught at after Celebrity Doctor. Any advice or recommendations? Thanks in advance. READ COMMENT