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Well, I must say I was on the liquid version for a year but only used it at once. That one never gave me problems. It wasn't till I switched to Foam and used that one that I started getting problems. I used the foam one for a year as... READ COMMENT

Nah, I don't like putting oil on my face. Olive oil caused massive closed comedones. See Jojoba oil isn't actually an oil, it's a wax. It just has oil in its name. And it is the only thing out there that mimics our sebum. Nothing... READ COMMENT

Minoxidil is quite evil. I mean there's no doubt we are a minority who suffer this because it builds up in our system for some reason. It's like playing russian roullette because there's no way of telling how you will respond. I mean... READ COMMENT

I actually stopped washing my face all together. The problem is the more you irritate the skin and keep exposing the skin that is trying to heal underneath the slower it heals. This helped a lot now recently i started adding jojoba oil... READ COMMENT

Two groups have studied the effect of minoxidil on collagen synthesis. Murad and Pinnell[48] showed that minoxidil suppressed activity of the enzyme lysyl hydroxylase in human skin fibroblast cultures at concentrations down to 25 ┬Ámol... READ COMMENT