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Coolsculpting Inner Thighs and Low Back Fat - Naperville, IL

I have had Coolsculpting on my flanks and abs with great results! My final two areas, inner thighs and lower back fat, were not conducive to the existing applicators until the Coolfit head was introduced earlier this year. This head is long and rectangular with large cooling plates so it can... READ MORE

Questions from Ibagoalie

Inner Thigh Skin Elasticity

I'm 52, 5'8", around 130 lbs.  I have flabby thighs even though I run, bike and do some strength train.  I'm interested in Coolsculpting (have heard they are coming... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Applicator Size for Abs?

I have heard of greater discomfort using the larger applicator. I don't have big bulges on lower or upper abs, so could I request smaller one? and would that lessen the chances... READ MORE

Coolsculpting and Weight Loss?

I'm 5'8" eat pretty healthy and workout on a regular basis. Because I had a stubborn muffin top I was very interested in Coolsculpting. I've recently had my flanks done (late... READ MORE

Coolcurve+ and Inner-outer Thighs? (photo)

I recently had my lower abs and back flanks done and am awaiting results, but now that the Coolcurve+ is out I am interested in doing my outer thighs and perhaps my inner... READ MORE

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Coolcurve + and Thighs?

I understand that the new handpiece, Coolcurve+ is now actually available. I'm going to ask my doctor when she plans on getting one, but wanted to hear if anyone out there has... READ MORE

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It depends on how much fat you need to get rid of. I used the smaller one, once on upper and once on lower abs. It is my personal opinion that the large one is the one that causes the greatest pain. My smaller ones were annoying, but... READ COMMENT

My experience was that when they place the head on the inner thigh it pinched like a mammogram would, but then as it cools, the pain goes away. Afterwards the defrosting is very unpleasant, but only lasts 10 min or so. After that I... READ COMMENT

Oops totally forgot to take before/after pics, but just wanted to give feedback on new outer thigh applicator. It takes 4 hours total , so I broke it up with a lunch break. After 4 months, the results are very minimal. The tech did... READ COMMENT

I'm about a month in after completing my second round on my inner thighs. With the first round I saw a slight improvement and while I can't be certain, it appears the second round is showing significant progress. I am going by... READ COMMENT