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Facial Fillers-Sculptra and Perlane?

I have been using sculptra for close to 3 years now and love, love, love the effects. I go in once a year for just a touch up to ensure the effects remain in force. I went in... READ MORE

Malar Adema?

I have used sculptra for years. This time I developed a malar adema. The dr injected perlane to try and desguise the edema which made it worse then after weeks finally... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Do a Phenol Peel 4 Months After Sculptra and Juvaderm?

I have been doing sculptra and juvadern. Is it ok to do a phenol peel now? It has been 4 months since scupltra and 3 months since juvaderm. READ MORE

Liposuction For Loose Skin Under Neck?

I am 53 and having surgery. I have loose skin under the neck. No fat as I had liposuction 12 years ago. My dr indicates we can do liposuction again that it will heat the skin... READ MORE

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Did he NOT perform the lower face lift?? READ COMMENT

BGi It's been 2 years now. How do you feel about the procedure. I am considering it? READ COMMENT

Did you do it? What were your results? READ COMMENT

Sorrt to bother you with this. Your story has scared me and I to had juvaderm injected then removed. Like you I am tired of messing with injections so I want to under go a skin tightening treatment. Most Dr are recommending either a... READ COMMENT

What type of skin tightening procedure did you do to try and tighten afterwards and how much time did you give yourself to heal before undergoing the skin tightening? did you tell the dr that was doing the skin tightening everything you... READ COMMENT