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Too Much Skin/muscle Removed from Upper Lids - Lake Forest, IL

I am hoping someone else out there found a skilled oculoplastic surgeon who corrected the same problem I have. The cosmetic surgeon I went to did an upper lid blepharoplasty and destroyed my eye shape, which was a large almond shape by removing TOO MUCH SKIN AND MUSCLE from my upper lids. One... READ MORE

Killing a Fly with an Elephant Gun: Unnecessary Body Lift and Redo - Chicago, IL

I am in Chicago and I hope that I will hear from people. 5 years ago, after a terrible divorce, I wanted a fresh start with something positive. I lifted weights for over 20 years and decided I would do a bodybuilding competition. I am (was) in excellent shape. Because I had a baby at 43, I... READ MORE

Questions from foesad

Can areola pigmentation be lightened through laser? (Photo)

Had a breastlift many years ago. Part of where the areola was before is still visible. Tried hydroquinone for a few months with no noticeable difference. Can laser treatment... READ MORE

Please name some Oculoplastic Surgeons who have more experience in Blepharoplasty revisions.

I was mid treatment of a bilateral canthoplasty on one eye, and a canthopexy on the other, with some tweaks to recorrect some excess upper lid skin, an outer eye scar. I need... READ MORE

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Has Anyone Had a Skin Graft to Correct Upper Eyelid Overcorrection from Upper Lid Blepharoplasty?

The surgeon I went to took too much skin/muscle from my left eye lid. My eye shape has changed, the lid is smaller, and I can't close my left eye all the way. I blink with a... READ MORE