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Nice positive comments, the repair of muscle tissue involves the 8 essential amino acids, not carbs...or healthy eating thats carb related, not to take away from your progress,if your diet is high in the 8 amino acids to start with then... READ COMMENT

The defensive thing is actually a fair view from what ive posted, but im extremely passionate about doing a whole program.The doing a bit of this and a bit of that is simply the cause of so much failure in the gym, in training of any... READ COMMENT

Lets put the diet theory to bed once and for all.....without diet/nutrition in place body builders of all types would fail....fact....and b4 people say yea but they are on drugs..yes at olympia levels they most certainly are folks....... READ COMMENT

I do fear that when people have a great deal of money, as far as there faces are concerned they do seem to lack any common sense and head straight for the cosmetic surgeon.Now if they were all so great at advising people of what they... READ COMMENT

Could not agree less with the above comment.........if food does not effect the body, and muscle repair, then just train like a devil, and eat rubbish, see how far you get...very simple. READ COMMENT