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Do NOT Rush into ANY Kind of Surgery Without Researching, Researching, Researching! - Huntsville, AL

The reason I wanted a brow lift was to eleviate the sad and angry look I carried around. However, I was left with brows that were elevated too high leaving me with a startled "operated" look. Also, the furrow that I once hated has now been replaced with "indentation" marks. One more thing...I... READ MORE

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Lower Lid Ectropion Repair (With TarSys Spacers) Along with Mid-face Lift to Support Lower Lid?

I am 9 days post-op and am alarmed with my appearance. Lids do not sit against the eye. Have hematomas under both eyes and area, particularly under left eye, is very hard and... READ MORE

Lower Lid Ectropion Repair (With TarSys Spacers) Along with Mid-face Lift to Support Lower Lid? (photo)

Lower Lid Ectropion Repair (with TarSys Spacers) Along with Mid-face lift to support lower lid READ MORE

Can Eyebrow Transplant? (photo)

I have had both a coronal (sp?)(26 years ago) and endoscopic brow lift (20 years ago). I should never have the endoscopic. Over the years my brows have continued to elevate.... READ MORE

Ectropion (With Spacers) and Mid-face Lift to Support Lower Lids?

I had bilateral ectropion repair (with spacers) along with mid-face lift (for support) 4 weeks ago. Neither eyelid sits against eye orbit and much sclera shows. My doctor wants... READ MORE

If Eyelid Spacer Material Used in Reconstructive Surgery is Removed, Will Eyelid Fall Further? (photo)

I had surgery four months ago to correct lagothalmos and mild retraction. The first picture is the Before picture...the second one is Post-Op four months. Since surgery I have... READ MORE

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I had a coronal brow lift in 1989 and an endoscopic brow lift in 1997.

My eyes look sunken and hollow and my eyebrows sit way too high.  Since having the brow lift(s), my hair on top is thinner so a "reverse" brow lift is undesirable. ... READ MORE

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Oh, yeah...I forgot to complain about that one. I already had a rather high forehead so you can imagine how I look. I feel so stupid. Thank you for sharing your story. Have you ever considered having a reverse brow-lift? I have had... READ COMMENT

Faith: See my reply above....I thought I was replying to Angiemcc. Thank YOU for asking. READ COMMENT

Angiemcc: I am following the comments herein (wish I had known about this site long ago), listening to their experiences - both successes and failures. If I can find a few who have had a reverse brow lift - without losing additional ... READ COMMENT