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Surgeon Referral for "Difficult Cases"? LARGE Implant Removal, Lift. OKC/DALLAS Area

In 2002, I had my first breast augmentation. Due to bad scarring I opted to go with very large implants instead of a lift. I have saline McGhan 850CC and 825CC implants. Today... READ MORE

Can I Get Implants Explanted and Lifted in Same Procedure, Why the Conflicting Opinions?

I have 800cc mentor smooth round implants placed over muscle. One PS said I would be a tough case and referred me due to the fact I have severe ptosis, thin skin/no fat/no... READ MORE

If a Saline Implant Ruptured and Had Bacteria or Fungi in It, What Symptoms Might You Have?

My saline implant ruptured a couple weeks ago and still has some saline left in it. Since this has happened, I've felt strange - weak, muscle aches, tired, strange pains all... READ MORE

Do You Have to Wear a Compression Bra After a Breast Lift or is a Sports Bra Enough?

I forgot to mention what surgery in my first question. I'm referring to a breast lift no implants. Thanks. READ MORE