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Here we go again...ONE YEAR OUT! Arm Lift/Breast Lift

My brief story: I lost about 50 lbs, slowly and steadily, 5 years ago. There was really no explanation for it. I had a lot of tests done but nothing conclusive. I just couldn't eat very much without feeling extremely full. I have been heavy my entire life and have done numerous weight loss... READ MORE

ONE YEAR OUT! Lower Body Lift

Since I have had 2 procedures I am posting on both topics. The titles are the same for both and the other blog is under Arm Lift. Also, on my arm blog I have before and some arm after pictures. I had my lower body lift 13 days ago. Briefly, I lost a lot of weight slowly and steadily for no... READ MORE

Breasts IN...27 Months Later Breasts OUT...Breast IN in 3-4 Months - Las Vegas, NV

I had implants put in November of 2012 along with an arm lift. Two weeks later I had a lower body lift. I have other blogs on those subjects. My implants have been nothing but trouble. I cannot even say if I liked them because from the beginning there was an issue with my left breast... READ MORE

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I'm 53, 122 lbs. Had an arm lift with breast augmentation 11/29/12. Have my Breasts Bottomed Out? (photo)

Hi, I'm 53, 122 lbs. Had an arm lift with breast augmentation 11/29/12. Skin has poor elasticity. Implants are 375 ml (lt) and 400 ml (rt) SRHPG. Jan 3013, apparent that my lt... READ MORE

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Hi Beth! I'm so sorry that I didn't see this post from you. Thank you. I have an appointment soon to discuss options. Been sidelined a bit with a heel injury. I've been in a boot since July and have 3 more weeks. I still have... READ COMMENT

Oh! Sorry, I didn't realize you'd already had those surgeries. Happy healing! READ COMMENT

Hi, You are welcome. My arm scars run from my arm pit to elbow. When looking at me from front or back they are not seen at all. They have faded a lot and will continue to do so. I'm sorry, I don't know all the abbreviations and... READ COMMENT

Hi AZDee. I think we've spoken before but it was before your arms were done. I'm sorry you have to have those revised. And, the boobs...ugh...sorry about that too. I hope your LBL goes well! I guess just the nature of the LBL... READ COMMENT

Hi Newmeaug13, Thank you! I feel really good about my arms and lower body lifts. It's been 1 1/2 years now and my scars are getting better and better. In fact, in some lighting (not the dark haha) they don't even show. I am very... READ COMMENT