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Life Changing Event - Glad I Chose the Right Surgeon - Seattle, WA

I had a tummy tuck seven years ago and learned a couple of things: 1. There is always risk (in my case hypertrophic scars) 2. Plastic surgery is both a skill and an art 3. Every surgeon is a little different in their abilities, views, and techniques I chose Dr. Gottlieb based on the... READ MORE

Cellulaze and Smart Lipo Legs Only - Federal Way, WA

Hi folks, I am 45yo, 5'2", 130lb and in great physical condition. This is my second procedure in the last year (breast lift and aug last November). I have cellulite on my outer and inner thighs and a little on my butt. During my consultation my doctor suggested that my inner thigh cellulite... READ MORE

Questions from mimom2

Is a Benelli Lift with Augmentation Right for Me? (photo)

I am trying to avoid a vertical scar (previous scars tend to pigment although don't spread) so I'm hoping a Benelli lift with augmentation (Naturelle midrange 304cc silicone)... READ MORE

How Soon After Surgery Can I Undergo Laser Treatment for Hermosiderin Staining?

I am three weeks post op Cellulaze and where the bruises have faded I am left with a grayish purple color. I'd like to treat this as soon as possible and understand that... READ MORE

Induration from Cellulaze: Why Does It Seem to Come and Go and What Can I Do About It?

I am almost five weeks post cellulaze and notice that some areas of induration have resolved while others have recently shown up. Why is this? Does massage help (I'm doing it... READ MORE

Cellulaze - Purple Bruising and Veins Get Much Worse when I Stand Up?

I had cellulaze 4.5 weeks ago on my lower inner thighs wrapping around to above my knees. When I am laying down the bruising looks very faint but after a few minutes of... READ MORE