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Have You Ever Heard of Someone Having the Seeds Come out of the Face After Sculptra? (photo)

I had a. Mini facelift in 2009. ABout eight months later I was having problems with breaking out only in the areas the sculptra was injected. It's not like the lumps people... READ MORE

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It had an attorney from NYC contact my attorney. He had somehow heard about my case and wanted to represent me since he had so much experience and two cases successfully settled. Before he could get down here to talk to me the FDA... READ COMMENT

I had a mini facelift, chemical peel, turn corners of my mouth up, lipo under chin and Sculptra injected all in one surgery. At the time I was a smoker and an RA patient. The doctor was aware of this but said nothing about the dangers... READ COMMENT

Has anyone been successfull able to sue the doctor who did this? I know you can't sue the drug manufacturers because the FDA changed it from a drug to a device. Sad,sad!! READ COMMENT

Have any of you been able to successfully sue the doctor? I realize we can't go to drug manufacturers due to the FDA changing it from a drug to a device. READ COMMENT