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Hardness on Sides of Face and Neck 10 Days After Facelift?

The sides of my face and neck seem hard 10 days post surgery. Maybe still some swelling? What can I do to help resolve this? I am having my stitches out in 2 days and the... READ MORE

Hardness After Facelift?

I am concerned about the "ropey" feeling on the side of my neck, and hard ridges on the sides of my face, and the severe hardness, not sure if it's just swelling as I had my... READ MORE

Neck Tightness Relief After Facelift?

I had a facelift, and found out that the hardness on the sides of my face may take 6 months to resolve. I ave tightness in my neck the throt area and have a "choking" feeling... READ MORE

Minor Bleeding 7 Weeks After Facelift?

I had a facelift about 7 weeks ago. About 2-3 days ago, I started some slight bleeding behind one ear. It's not a lot, and once I blot it with tissue it stops. Doctor said it... READ MORE

Facial Redness After Facelift?

Although the black & blue bruising is gone 2 months post surgery, the sides of my face where it is still hard and tender seem unusually red, and the skin is not smooth at... READ MORE

Does numbness and a rubbery-ear feeling 18 months after a Facelift indicate nerve damage?

I had a face lift about 18 months ago. On one side, there still seems to be some numbness along the outside of my face, my ear still feels a little rubbery, and afeeling of... READ MORE