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How Can I Avoid Getting a Tear in the Corner of my Mouth from Taking Invisalign Aligners in and Out?

I have a small mouth and am only wearing the aligners at night so that the tear can heal. READ MORE

Have Any of the Dentists on This Board Been Invisalign Patients Themselves?

I have found it almost impossible to wear the aligners 22 hours a day, and am very self-conscious about the obvious attachments and dry mouth (still lisp a little after 9... READ MORE

What is the New Material Used by Invisalign?

My orthodontist mentioned that my refinement trays would be made of a new material introduced a few weeks ago. What will be the difference in my new vs. current aligners? READ MORE

Teeth Whitening with Aligners?

Is it okay to use bleaching gel (15% from my dentist) with aligners and/or retainers? I have one attachment, and I understand that it won't get bleached along with my teeth. I... READ MORE

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I've heard that the equipment is very expensive, which is why some orthodonists (including mine) still use the traditional impressions. READ COMMENT

I had liposuction of the abdomen and flanks (no legs, no fat transfer), and I had bruising on my inner thighs to just below my knees. It has taken 3 weeks to completely clear up. READ COMMENT

I know that you can't say the name of the doctor, but was this a board-certified plastic surgeon? READ COMMENT

Try sipping water throughout the day, or sucking on some sugarless mints. I did find that wearing the aligners dried my mouth out, but I survived two years and am very happy with my results. READ COMMENT

Try other orthodontists or travel back to your original city a couple of times for appointments (you only have 12 weeks/6 trays left?). READ COMMENT