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I started out as a deflated 34 B. I had breast fed 1 child. I am 5'6 123 lbs. Broad shouldered & a long torso. My goal was to become a D of some sort. I decided on 475 CC Saline, unders & areola incision, ( I change my mind 3 times, first 400, then 450, then on the day of... READ MORE

Barely a Difference with Zoom! - Ontario, ON

You got to love the posters they dental offices have up of very tanned people with brilliant super white teeth! As far as I'm concerned this is false advertizing! I did the ZOOM whitening pd. $400 about 5 years ago and I was expecting this drastic difference, only to leave the office in... READ MORE

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Shocked That As a 34B with the Addition of 475 CC Saline Unders I Only Went Up to a C Cup? (photo)

I was a 34 B pre op after having 475 cc Saline implants, under, I only went up into a C cup, was hoping to be at least a D. My post op bust measures 37 & my band 34. I'm... READ MORE

Is It Wise to Donate Blood Pre Op BA or During the Post Op Period?

I donate blood on a regular basis, every 2 months. I didn't realize it til now, but I donated blood 3 weeks prior to my BA surgery & then I'm scheduled to donate again on... READ MORE

I am 3.5 weeks post op. My breasts seem like they are becoming very uneven. Will my breasts even out? (photo)

I am 3.5 weeks post op. My breasts seem to becoming very uneven. Pre op my PS r/o a lift, but looking at how uneven the 2 are I'm concerned, will my breasts become more aligned... READ MORE

5 Months Post Op with Enlargement, Hardness and Sore, How Long is It Safe to Keep This Way Before Draining?

I went to my surgeon to have him check my implants as over the course of approximate. 10 days they had become increasingly firm, tender and enlarged. I may have fluid build up... READ MORE

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Hey, I'm going through the same thing as you. My right though is fuller and rounder and larger than my left and both look completely different. They always have since the first day post op. Every measurement of the one breast... READ COMMENT

Wow I agree you have nice pre op boobies:) You will look amazing once you have big boobies though! READ COMMENT

Your welcome:)) READ COMMENT

Trust, me!!! I can't express this enough! I have not met a woman who has had implants and wish they have gone smaller, it's rare. My PS & I agree to even notice a slight difference you need to go up by 100 cc min! My sister and I... READ COMMENT

Gosh I'm just hanging in there hoping that they even out. Pre op my PS I definietly did not need a lift. He mentioned i had one bigger then the other, my left being the smaller one. ASAP post op I noticed my right was still larger &... READ COMMENT