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I started out as a deflated 34 B. I had breast fed 1 child. I am 5'6 123 lbs. Broad shouldered & a long torso. My goal was to become a D of some sort. I decided on 475 CC Saline, unders & areola incision, ( I change my mind 3 times, first 400, then 450, then on the day of... READ MORE

Barely a Difference with Zoom! - Ontario, ON

You got to love the posters they dental offices have up of very tanned people with brilliant super white teeth! As far as I'm concerned this is false advertizing! I did the ZOOM whitening pd. $400 about 5 years ago and I was expecting this drastic difference, only to leave the office in... READ MORE

Questions from BOOOOOOOOOOObies

Shocked That As a 34B with the Addition of 475 CC Saline Unders I Only Went Up to a C Cup? (photo)

I was a 34 B pre op after having 475 cc Saline implants, under, I only went up into a C cup, was hoping to be at least a D. My post op bust measures 37 & my band 34. I'm... READ MORE

Is It Wise to Donate Blood Pre Op BA or During the Post Op Period?

I donate blood on a regular basis, every 2 months. I didn't realize it til now, but I donated blood 3 weeks prior to my BA surgery & then I'm scheduled to donate again on... READ MORE

I am 3.5 weeks post op. My breasts seem like they are becoming very uneven. Will my breasts even out? (photo)

I am 3.5 weeks post op. My breasts seem to becoming very uneven. Pre op my PS r/o a lift, but looking at how uneven the 2 are I'm concerned, will my breasts become more aligned... READ MORE

5 Months Post Op with Enlargement, Hardness and Sore, How Long is It Safe to Keep This Way Before Draining?

I went to my surgeon to have him check my implants as over the course of approximate. 10 days they had become increasingly firm, tender and enlarged. I may have fluid build up... READ MORE