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Who is the Top Facelift Surgeon in South Florida?

Can someone please let me know who is considered the top plastic surgeon for faclifts in the South Florida aread (Miami, Boca, West Palm, etc). Thanks for any recommendations. READ MORE

What is the Earliest Age That Women Want to or Can Have a Facelift Done?

I'm 45 and have significant drooping in my lower face as well as excess skin in lower face that slopes down into the neck. At 45, will all plastic surgeons be willing to do a... READ MORE

Is It Worthwhile and Practical to Travel to Another State for a Facelift if One Has a Specific P.s. in Mind?

Is it worthwhile and practical to travel to another state for a facelift if one has a specific p.s. in mind? I imagine follow-up would be very difficult. READ MORE

Is It Wise to Sign a Contract Promising Not to Sue a P.s. for Any Reason?

I don't know if all p.s.'s require a signature promising not to sue, but I would imagine having a right to sue would help keep plastic surgeons more accountable to do a good... READ MORE

Can Bloating from a Medication Permanently Affect the Face?

I was on a medicine called Neurontin for sleep issues for about 10 weeks. My face had a lot of edema as a result. Since I stopped taking the medicine 5 months ago, it's like... READ MORE

Is the US News Top Doctor List a Good Way to Find a Good Plastic Surgeon?

I'm trying to find a top plastic surgeon to do my facelift in South Florida. Am wondering if using this list -- the US News top docs list -- is useful at all, or more about how... READ MORE

For a Facelift, is an ABFPRS or ABPS Surgeon Preferred?

While I know it does not boil down to ABFPRS or ABPS alone, I would like to know which might be the better indicator in choosing a facelift surgeon. The problem is I don't know... READ MORE

Can Swelling Ater a Facelift Stretch the Skin Back Out?

I've been reading that swelling after a face-lift can go on for months. As someone who has a lot of excess skin in the lower face and neck, I am concerned that if I have... READ MORE

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How Much Should Patients Rely on On-line Doctor Ratings in Choosing a Plastic Surgoen--esp for Facelifts?

On sites like realself, healthgrades, vitals, ucompare, etc, most plastic surgeons have at least a couple people who aren't happy with results. Some have all satisfied patients... READ MORE

Is There a "Gold Standard" in How to Do a Facelift and What Questions Should I Ask on Consults?

I read it's important for a p.s. to address the underlying structure/tissue, etc and not to just stretch the skin? Can anyone comment...What are some of the best questions to... READ MORE

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I definitely think you made the right decision. Facelifts have risks like nerve damage and less than pleasing outomes, so it is important to do tons of research before deciding to do it and then tons more research before choosing a... READ COMMENT

I think you should cancel. Face lifts are complicated and have risks and it important that if you have a facelift you have chosen a surgeon that you feel extremely confident in. READ COMMENT

It sounds like a bit of a tradeoff in that your neck is better and your jowls are somewhat better -- but you have the scars at your ear area. At least you can wear your hair to cover the scar area. Depending on how much the scars bother... READ COMMENT

Hi Allie. I'd love an update when you have a chance -- how is your recovery coming along? Do you still have discomfort? READ COMMENT

Excellent results! READ COMMENT