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Torture is the exact word I used and 2 years later I still re-live the pain. Also I should add that I have had a few cosmetic procedures done through the years and this is the only time I have complained. READ COMMENT

I totally agree with you about money down the drain. I went back for my 3 month mark, after much complaining about the pain and lack of noticeable improvement. I asked for a refund to no avail. When I was shown my 3 month mark photos I... READ COMMENT

I totally agree with you. I had my procedure done in California. I was "up-sold" at the last minute which added to my "after-regret". I paid about the same amount you did, the procedure was done by the Physician Assistant in the office.... READ COMMENT

You might want to consider more pain killer. I would get a driver and definitely take more pre-med because I found the procedure almost unbearable. READ COMMENT

Your results are much better than mine. I thought the procedure was extremely painful - like a 10 on the 1 to 10 scale. Plus the price I paid (over $3,000) I thought outrageous for the results. I complained but to no avail. READ COMMENT