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Think Twice - Madison, CT

I had sub glandular saline breast implants put in at age 23. I had always been small breasted (36A) and thought it would be a great boost to my figure and self esteem. The Dr assured me that implants were safe and wonderful. I asked to be made a B cup, and during the 'try on' in the office,... READ MORE

New pics! 1yr postop / 400cc saline overs after 12+ years

I did a lengthy review under Breast Implants, so anyone interested in why an implanted woman like me would HateMyImplants, you can check out my other review. Here I am going to try to keep it to a review of Explantation. A little info: I'm 35, had implants 12 years. They are smooth, round,... READ MORE

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Mammography and Capsular Contracture? (photo)

I am 35 years old, 12 year old saline breast implants sub glandular placement. I have what seems to be a cystic mass under my areola of my Left breast. I also have III or IV... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Worry About Possible Seroma After Explant of Breast Implants?

I am having my saline breast implants removed without replacement. This will be a simple removal, no lift or capsulectomy/capsulotomy. I inquired about having a capsulectomy,... READ MORE

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There are pros and cons. With ruptured silicone, if you don't have an experienced PS who knows how to remove all of the leaked gel from your body it will migrate to your lymph nodes, organs, and all over your body where it can never be... READ COMMENT

Sorry for the late reply. I approached finding a plastic surgeon like choosing to hire someone - I researched their education (medical school), board certifications (say NO to "cosmetic surgeons" (could be any specialty from OBGYN,... READ COMMENT

You are an inspiration, and a natural beauty! Your real size looks great on your body, your real curves are gorgeous and you never needed implants. I'm so sorry for what you went through with CC, it can be rough to recover from,... READ COMMENT

Ugh... I hate hearing stories about men not supporting their wives/mother of their children in explant. Surgery is not a good form of marriage/relationship counseling. Maybe the problem is HIM and not your perfectly cute natural boobs... READ COMMENT

Well, I had saline and developed CC years after my implants. CC is by definition the immune system attacking the implants. If your immune system can react this way to the implants and result in CC, then how can any Dr claim implants... READ COMMENT