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Hi Anon101010: First longlip, I am not trying to hijack your review. The corner lift that you got was something new. I had a traditional corner lift many years ago and was curious about this new technique. I will call your Dr. and... READ COMMENT

My lips don't really downturn, it is the sides of the lips are so vertical as opposed to horizontal. Does that make sense? Maybellineo READ COMMENT

I looked at the photo again when he marked the lip lift and the corner part and he did go up further on the sides of the nose to get the outer part of the lips to lift up too so there isn't that sloped look from the lip lift. That is... READ COMMENT

Hi Genesis: Are you going to get this corner lift? If you don't need the lip lift, does just the corner lift part cost less? I just had my lip lift this past April and don't need any more lifting of the middle part of the lip. ... READ COMMENT

The Dr. took skin from the sides of your nose. That is part of the lip lift but not a corner lift. the corners of your lips were not really downturned in your before pic. Look at a 50 year old plus woman or man and you will see... READ COMMENT