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Fabulous result. I know that the laser really makes a difference too. You can have tighter skin but if it is full of sun damage, it still makes you look older. The laser gets rid of that for a long time. Maybellineo READ COMMENT

Hey, you look good now but I think you did go to conservative. You could have gone shorter, that is take more mm off. You upper lip will continue to get longer as you age so that's why it's best to get as much as the Dr. feels suits... READ COMMENT

You need to calm down. You are in swelling hell and some go through this more than others. Your nose base, nostrils and uneven lips will all go down after the swelling goes away. I had a lip lift and I looked like a freak for weeks... READ COMMENT

Could you post a before pic? What filler was used? Maybellineo READ COMMENT

Vicodin makes you itch. Get off of them. Maybellineo READ COMMENT