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As far as your eyes are concerned I wouldn't worry about bumps and extensive and long lasting bruises. 6 weeks is still way to early. 6 months you will see you final result. I had a revision on an upper bleth to remove a little extra... READ COMMENT

You should let your Dr. measure you and take his advise. You shouldn't ask random people on the internet that question. Maybellineo READ COMMENT

You are way too soon post op to worry about your end result now. I am 5 months PO from upper bleth and until a while ago I still had swelling and ugly bumps on my incision lines. They are gone now. My eyes look fantastic and I am 59... READ COMMENT

No, why would you have to tell them anything???? !!! That is your personal business. Besides the average person is clueless about plastic surgery. Trust me, know will know unless you tell them. even if you do tell them, who cares... READ COMMENT

I had upper bleth about 8 months ago. I did have a slight revision, a little extra skin removed from my upper lid, and I am very happy. 11 days post op is way too soon to come to any conclusions at all. Your upper incisions look fine... READ COMMENT