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It's unfortunate that the injector administered too much botox in that area as its a great result when the right amount is placed around your mouth. The advice of chewing gum and stretching is good and will help wear off the botox... READ COMMENT

This review from you is a little contradicted. I don't mean to be rude, but i'm a little confused. Ultrasound ultherapy treatments (looking at your pictures of the high energy they used) would of melted the fat and then tightened the... READ COMMENT

I forgot to mention that I too had blood tests done and had an infection. Radiesse because your immune system (some people) can't handle it, turns into a staph infection that could spread. Just because it seems like it is going away,... READ COMMENT

Hello, how are you? I want to comment on this post because I had the same thing happen to me, but I was even more unlucky. I would put money on it that this had nothing to do with being sterile. They claim that Radiesse has no... READ COMMENT

Yes, you have to have it lanced and squeezed out. You have an infection and it will spread if you do not have it squeezed out. I would not go to that clinic, but go to a hospital / E.R. where they will take care of it immediately. ... READ COMMENT