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10-12 treatments and even more if it's color and not just black ink. That's also with using a high power tattoo removal laser as well. Time and patience will be your friend READ COMMENT

A cover up will end up looking like an ink mess. My daughter tried to do the same thing and it is now a disaster and now even harder to try to laser off because now there are layers of ink to zap. Don't cover it up. Live with what... READ COMMENT

It sounds like they used the wrong transducer on your face and went too deep. First Ultherapy is supposed to lift and tighten, but Ultherapy WILL melt fat pads in face if you use the wrong transducer and have the setting too high then... READ COMMENT

It's hard to compare hand closed with hand open. If I close my vein hand it looks 3 dimensional, but if I close it into a fist the veins go away. Can you send a pic with our hand open so we can have a clear sense of before and after. READ COMMENT

Do a skin test first. I am allergic to it and had it injected and then had to have it cut out. Also, radiesse in the hands can leave really bad granulomas and those have to be cut out so make sure to massage areas where the radiesse... READ COMMENT