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This treatment is known to only be a temporary fix because the vacuum sucks up the skin and rolls it making it swell and smooth out. It is a great fix to do before going out and wearing a dress for the evening, but as the skin relaxes... READ COMMENT

Try getting a radio frequency treatment. I have a friend that said he had too much filler under his eyes and it created bags so he had a RF treatment done and it literally melted the filler away. READ COMMENT

That would be great to see more pictures and we all appreciate that. Fat Melt does not have to be directly on the area done. Ultrasound waves and heat travel and will melt fat all around and beyond the section being treated. The main... READ COMMENT

I am very happy for you that you found a solution to your problem as many women on this review site have not yet found a conclusion to their misery.....however upon looking at your photos I must say your skin looks absolutely beautiful... READ COMMENT

Your into about 5 months now. Are you still happy with results? Please post pictures with more information. READ COMMENT