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Maybe you can help me: when I googled "aquamid" this thread came up, so it must be very effective for warning people against aquamid. I want to write my story and post pictures on this site. Do I click on "write a review" to begin? READ COMMENT

Thank you for your support. I read both your stories and I think its horrible what people do for money. They get rich from ruining other peoples lives, and they dont care. I have "worked" with this for three years now. I have done... READ COMMENT

I got operated on by a top surgeon on a norwegian hospital. The goal was to try to remove some of the Aquamid, but he said that it was to incorporated into my tissue, som it was not possible to remove any of it, but he cut out some of... READ COMMENT

Hi, Sorry to hear about all your storys. I got Aquamid injections in my lips, about 7 years ago, 3 years after my lips were swollen, full of lumps and painful. I got Aquamid injected in Norway at Christiania Park klinikk, LARS HAASTED,... READ COMMENT