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I can answer that. I have been posting on this site. My name is Jeffrey A. Ditesheim and I am a board certified plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC. READ COMMENT

I do agree, I did not understand the "die laughing". There was nothing intended to be humorous and most of the posts have to do with frustrations and problems. READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear this, what did you have 40cc of fat removed for? was it for fat grafting? That seems like a small amount. There are ways to improve the surface if there are irregularities, would probably need fat grafting. You should... READ COMMENT

I'm glad you had a positive experience. Perhaps you can post your photos READ COMMENT

Again, my empathy. For some of my patients, 40cc in the midface is not unrealistic. For others it may be a lot. The "Coleman technique" is the process of harvesting the fat and using a centrifuge to separate the fat from the oil... READ COMMENT