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I know the date changes can be unexpected but you are going to look amazing. You have my number, anything you need now till the time of surgery just a phone call away. Dr. Ditesheim READ COMMENT

Agree and disagree: Facelifts and fat grafting in 20 year olds, I agree is questionable judgement and movtivation. Even in the 30s, I am very cautious to suggest a significant permanent change to someone young. Disagree in that some... READ COMMENT

Remember that fat is your tissue and all your "tissue" is alive and changing. Even a scar is breaking down and building up all the time (you are alive). Even though we think that a scar is like concrete: once laid down it is hard,... READ COMMENT

Yes, studies recently published are showing that combination fat transfer and facelift can have more recovery time than fat alone. READ COMMENT

I would say that you should see swelling and bruising resolve by 3-4 weeks at the outside and by 3 months you should see the result that will stay. Larger fat grafting sessions can have more swelling, some people swell more than others... READ COMMENT