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You state that you are from Europe, where? I do know very good plastic surgeons in Europe who have expertise in fat grafting. If you think that will be of benefit to you, let me know. READ COMMENT

The fat is organized into specific compartments in the face, it is very complex anatomy. Aging is very similar if not identical for all of us, but since our face structure is different, we don't all look the same ( either when young or... READ COMMENT

Where do you get the book? READ COMMENT

Nadia: great question: it is really delicate. Over the last 6 years I have recorded the fat graft volumes in different parts of the face and have followed these patients with photographs over time to see if I can see what can be... READ COMMENT

What can I tell you from my own experience with fat grafting over 10+ years: ( this is my experience): First the good: 1. Fat grafts can restore lost facial volume to give a more natural facial shape 2. Fat grafts take better in the... READ COMMENT