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How great of you to write this. I wish all women could read this, it is one of the best comments and advice I have ever seen on Real Self. Only experience can permit full disclosure, as it takes time to see the results, the... READ COMMENT

I am so excited for you and you are in the best hands. READ COMMENT

Thanks for your reply. I do agree with you. When there is a decision for surgery, there is an implied trust. Despite TV "real life" shows, when I am in the operating room the tone and decorum are professional. While I am not a... READ COMMENT

Please know that there is always a back-up or "covering doctor" any time I am not immediately available. This has been my practice for the last 18 years. To make sure that there is someone who can immediately respond to a patient... READ COMMENT

I can answer that. I have been posting on this site. My name is Jeffrey A. Ditesheim and I am a board certified plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC. READ COMMENT