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I am sorry to hear of your frustrations with fat transfers. Fat grafting is a complex procedure and like all more difficult procedures, takes experience. It seems easy to suction out some fat and just inject it somewhere where there... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your comments Nikita. Pictures would be very helpful. I am not sure why the breakouts, perhaps a dermatologist can help. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. The best way I can personally help anyone is for that person to communicate with me. I would suggest to anyone who has frustration that calling me or coming to my office is the way that... READ COMMENT

I know the date changes can be unexpected but you are going to look amazing. You have my number, anything you need now till the time of surgery just a phone call away. Dr. Ditesheim READ COMMENT

Agree and disagree: Facelifts and fat grafting in 20 year olds, I agree is questionable judgement and movtivation. Even in the 30s, I am very cautious to suggest a significant permanent change to someone young. Disagree in that some... READ COMMENT