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Swelling around the eyes after any injection: filler or fat grafting can be related to obstructed lymphatics. Blocked lymphatics mean that the swelling fluid in the superficial tissues takes longer to be removed by the body. ... READ COMMENT

Not sure what the last post was referring to, but if there is a question, can you ask it again, thanks jaditesheim MD READ COMMENT

Glad to help you. There is an example on my website, but even better is to come to the office and let's talk about what you want. A face to face consultation is so much more personal and informative. Let me know if you need help... READ COMMENT

Lissa332: Sorry for your frustration. Fat transfers or fat grafting can restore lost volume in the face ( or other areas) It is a delicate process that can produce great results, modest results and disasterous results. It seems... READ COMMENT

Nadiahoney: responding to your Feb 4 post: Outstanding perspective. I could not agree more that as a biological organism ( human) everything we take in or are exposed to can have a positive or negative effect on how we feel and how... READ COMMENT