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Why is the Bottom of my Nose Twisted? (photo)

Is this my ps's fault? Or is it just uneven swelling? I am 3 months post op. Should i get a revision in a year? READ MORE

When Can I Smoke Marijuana After my Rhinoplasty?

Please don't say "you should quit" or "it is bad for you". I just want to know how long I should wait before smoking again. I am 3 months post op. When will smoking marijuana... READ MORE

What Would Make my Nose Look Better? (photos)

I will be getting a revision rhino this summer. READ MORE

Is Vaporizing Marijuana Going to Increase Swelling and Scar Tissue After a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I am 9 days post op a revision rhinoplasty. I plan on using a vaporizer instead of smoking marijuana in about a month. Will my nose heal properly? READ MORE

Will Smoking Marijuana After Revision Rhinoplasty Cause my Nose to Heal Poorly?

I am 1 month post op. Will smoking from a vaporizer (vapor instead of smoke) cause any harm? READ MORE

Will a non-surgical rhinoplasty help my nose to be more symmetrical? (photo)

11 months post-op revision rhinoplasty. I've had two rhinoplasties already and my nose isn't the way I want it to be. My nostrils are uneven and there is a ton of asymmetry. READ MORE

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