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You must try and focus on getting better, try to have your mind over matter...i know this may seem impossible. Try not to think of a relaspe as this is only negative and you need to try and stay positive if you are to heal. All the... READ COMMENT

I really hope you start to feel better soon. Dysport should not be used in my opinion! Botox never gave me the side effects like the dysport did and I can see from just this forum many people have suffered terrible side effects from its... READ COMMENT

Yes much better now but it takes time for the body to heal/recover. i only had the number 11 lines treated so not too much injected...thank god. Good luck and merry christmas. READ COMMENT

Not too sure as the cost was by area and I had the number 11 frown lines treated only but I think it maybe around 10/15 units but can't be sure. From what I gather the lines on the ecg normally go up on the graph and mine go down, the... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your email. I have inversion in my T waves and I had a CT Coronary Angiogram back in 2007 which was awful but confirmed my arteries were clear. My ecg's always show abnormal. READ COMMENT