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Reviews by Pattydoc

Vaser Lipo and Smart Lipo: my Lower Ab Now Look Dimpled and Have White Spots

Had Vaser Lipo 6 months ago on outer thighs, lower abdomen and back. No pain at all, but my plastic surgeon left uneven fat deposits on my abs and didn't take enough from thighs and waist line, so.. I went to a less expensive clinic ($3500.00)9 days ago for Smart Lipo. The clinic have HORRENDOUS... READ MORE

Botox: No Results

Had 4 injections within a two weeks period by two doctors. My "11" forehead lines look EXACTLY THE SAME. I really believe that I need to find a truly good injector, or I have immunity to the toxin. READ MORE

Big Name Does Not Necessarily Means Scruples - Bellevue, WA

I have not written my review of Dr. Naficy before, even though he injected me over one year ago because I was just so angry I knew I was not going to be fair. Now I can do this: I have been a regular user of dermal fillers and have had several plastic surgeries for the last four years. None of... READ MORE

Perlane review - Seattle, WA

I went to see Dr. Reichel last December because my regular dermatologist was booked until January. She charged $675 for I cc of Perlane in my nasolabial folds, but the Perlane box I saw said 0.2 cc. She injected the product very quickly, did not give me a mirror at the end to see if I was... READ MORE

Questions from Pattydoc

Nerve Damage After Smart Lipo?

Can Smart Lipo produce nervous system damage on your hips area? I had it 8 days ago and, due to a horrendous clinic staff, my anesthesia wore off and I felt excruciating pain... READ MORE

Radiesse, Perlane, and Botox Won't Work

I had 2 Radiesse and 2 Perlane treatments three weeks apart. I paid total of $1800. I still have marked nasolabial folds, one longer than the other. Same with Botox; I paid for... READ MORE

Dermawave for Smart Lipo Bumps and Lines?

I am going to have Dermawave treatment soon. Could you please tell me about it? Is it safe? Does it smooth out Smart Lipo problems such as bumps, white spots, or lines? READ MORE

Can Botox Cause/exacerbate Lupus or Hypothyroidism or Weaken Your Immune System?

I was told that Botox can weaken your immune system to the point of causing/worsening long term illnesses such as lupus or hypothyroidism. Is it true? READ MORE

Botox and Lupus or Hypothyroydism?

I do not have any of these illnesses; to the contrary my immune system works very well and have no diagnoses of any kind. My question was precisely because I was told I could... READ MORE