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Breast Lift and Acne?

I had a breast lift 5 months ago. About 2 months after, I started getting tiny bumps on my breasts. I have never had acne on my breast, just an occasional one on my decollete... READ MORE

Is This Normal Scarring for Breast Lift?

I had a breast lift with anchor scar back in November 2012, about 7 months ago. I have noticed the scars to be healing well, but that the scar under my breast towards the... READ MORE

Can I anticipate my tummy tuck scar to heal as well as my breast lift scars from 2.5 yrs ago?

I had a breast lift, full anchor scars. Healed very well and faded nicely. Recently did a tummy tuck. I wanted to know if I should expect the scar to heal and fade as nicely as... READ MORE

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You look great! It is very helpful to see the progression from the beginning to after a year so thank you for the photos. I am 5 weeks out and sometimes even though I know I am swollen a lot, it is hard to picture the end result. READ COMMENT

Hello CiciWantsBBL- I am only about 3 months since surgery but I did read up on scar phases and treatment for breast lift. I read that it was normal for the scar to go through a raised phase, because collagen is going to that area to... READ COMMENT

Glad to hear that you are happy with your results and decision! Just out of curiosity, how long before most of the redness was gone on the scar area? I am a little over 2 months out. Also, did you notice a change in the shape even after... READ COMMENT

I am also using silicone sheets to treat my lift scars and they seem to really be helping and I have only worn them for about 2.5 weeks now. My surgeon sells them in his office but after my first purchase I found them directly through... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for posting your photos of the breast lift. I rIecently had one a week ago and the day after surgery I was surprised about how high my breasts were and that the bottom was not rounded out. I had trouble finding photos... READ COMMENT