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Hello Amy,Thanks for sharing your opinion on RealSelf. We welcome all experiences, whether they're positive or negative, and we don't remove or block "bad posts." However, your posts must adhere to the Community Guidelines. This means... READ COMMENT

Hello SuzySu,The comments above were removed because they violated RealSelf Community Guidelines. Specifically, RealSelf is a supportive community where people can feel safe sharing their experiences. It is not productive or... READ COMMENT

Hello Rita,RealSelf does not remove posts on the basis that they are negative. We only remove posts when they violate the RealSelf Terms of Service, and we generally PM you too to advise you why the comments were removed.You're welcome... READ COMMENT

So sorry this is an issue for you. :( A lot of the Mommy Makeover reviews say a similar thing... we're always spending money on the rest of our family, it's so hard to spend it on us.Obviously an extra grand would be lovely to have if... READ COMMENT

In my opinion needles sound scarier than freezing BUT thinking about having my double chin sucked up into the CoolSculpting machine is not great either! I'd still probably choose to freeze.The things we do to look pretty. :) READ COMMENT