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Hi there,We don't have record of a PM from you to either devon54 or JewelD. However, there is a comment below, from you, that says, "may I ask who did your surgery? was it Dr. Massry?" JewelD responded.Could you please email us any... READ COMMENT

Hi Lori -- Welcome and thank you for sharing your story. I think even when you know about the risks of skin cancer, there is a sense that it isn't happening. That's why so many people delay treatment. I'm just glad you did get yours... READ COMMENT

Oh my! Thank goodness you changed GPs and they were able to catch this! Thank you for sharing your story so far. Please let us know how your healing goes. We have a great Mohs community here who are really supportive in helping each... READ COMMENT

I'm glad to hear you were happy right away! How is your recovery going? Please keep us posted when you can. :) READ COMMENT

Hi Ted -- Thanks for sharing your pics and experience so far! I look forward to following your progress and I hope the procedure works well for you.How are you doing? Any pain or discomfort? READ COMMENT