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Hi,Please let us know the correct location and we'll change it for you. You can reply to me here, send a PM or email Community Support to make the change -- your choice. :)Thanks,--Sharon READ COMMENT

Me too! I can understand why it would make a difference for psychological causes of depression; not so much for biological causes. I hope they continue to look into it. READ COMMENT

You look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. READ COMMENT

"Would you like fries with that?"*Rolls up sleeve*Seriously though, for the Scots who feel strongly about independence, what a nice way to remember the day! I just hope it is something that works out well for them, if it goes that way. READ COMMENT

The "Botox for depression" research is really interesting. It makes sense that a person who has a low mood could feed it with negative facial expressions. (Just as a person with low mood loses motivation to care for themselves, which... READ COMMENT