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Oh, I'm so happy for you. What a relief to be rid of the lump and get the all-clear too.Looking forward to seeing the updated pics. READ COMMENT

Good luck next week! We'll be cheering for you. :) READ COMMENT

More great suggestions! Thank you!The surgery date is interesting. I thought we already did this, but apparently not. :) It's only used to calculate how far pre- and post-op you are. But I can totally see how this would be helpful to... READ COMMENT

You're not a bonehead. :)We hear you on this issue and are working on making it possible to subscribe (and unsubscribe) from individual threads. I don't have a timeframe for when it will be ready, but in the meantime you can do as... READ COMMENT

Absolutely. I know it's helpful to me. :) Sorry that it's started burning.You might want to try exercise -- this is helpful for some (but worse for others, so take it easy at first). Of course, ask your doctor if that's okay. :) READ COMMENT