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Permanent Eyebrows - Toronto, ON

I've always had great brows. They're thick and bushy but my real issue is that they grow like weeds and reshaping them was always a hassle when they started growing so fast and out of control. I started using a #1 guard on my trimmer and shaving them down and just drawing them in with brow... READ MORE

Currently in Braces After a Year - Brampton, ON

I had a 5 mm overjet and a tooth on top that stuck out from the rest. Also my lower teeth were slightly crowded, although they didn't really bother me. I just didn't feel I loved my smile like I once did so I took the plunge. I'm currently 16 months into my treatment and my orthodontist says I'm... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar on Neck Revision - Calgary, AB

I have a 4 cm long hypertrophic scar on my neck from a chemical burn. It started out small and almost unnoticeable so I left it thinking it would just heal normally. As the weeks went by I noticed it started getting more raised and red. I tried silicone scar creams and scar tapes but all they... READ MORE

Questions from Gingerbelle8

Cosmetic Work with Bonded Lingual Retainer? (photo)

I have a bonded retainer on my upper and lower incisors. If I want to lengthen my lateral incisors with veneers or bonding does that retainer need to be removed in order to... READ MORE

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LOL!! I'm currently BFing my second baby. I def need a lift. I was a 30DD pre baby, and went up to 32H and still there whilst BFing my son. I'm interested to see how small they will shrink after the second one weans. I'm sure most of... READ COMMENT

They're looking really good!! OMG! I'm on the fence as to whether I want implant or just a lift. Breastfeeding multiple babies sure does take away the volume. READ COMMENT

I'd like to add that it's been post 10 hours since the local anesthesia was administered and the area is still completely numb. Thankfully I won't feel any pain for the evening, though I was told the pain will be very minimal once the... READ COMMENT

I had my surgery on April 14th. I will post a new picture once I remove the steri-tape. READ COMMENT

Congrats on your surgery! I hope your pain level is tolerable. They'll probably drop and shrink considerably as well. Can't wait to see post surgery photos! READ COMMENT