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I was worried about that also, but ended up sending the entire amount as I didn't want to carry around that much cash and wanted the discount, no problem. I know it is scary for us US citizens not used to that practice, but it is not... READ COMMENT

Guess it all depends on what you like. Personally, I don't want to be awake during major procedures. Dr. Lev's anesthesiologist is amazing. You are awake 5 minutes after surgery and I had no nausea or ill effects at all. READ COMMENT

I was a little concerned about that also but decided to take a leap of faith and deposited the entire amount in Dr. Lev's account before leaving for CR. Less to worry about then. Everything turned out just fine. I opted for a brow... READ COMMENT

You might check out Las Cumbres READ COMMENT

I stayed at Che Tica, it has its good points and bad. The staff there is wonderful, very friendly and helpful. The food varies from hum drum to very good, typical of Costa Rica. What I thought was very strange is that the first few... READ COMMENT