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I Had Rhinoplasty 3 Weeks Ago and One Nostril is Higher Than Other. Is It Because of Swelling?

I had open rhinoplasty about 3 weeks ago. And my nose is still swollen. One nostril seems higher than the other. Is it normal? Is it caused by swelling? I am worried about it. READ MORE

Uneven Nostrils After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had open rhinoplasty less than month ago and my nostrils seem uneven..Is it caused by swelling or not?? there is a photo.. READ MORE

Hump 6 Weeks Post Op?

I had open rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago to remove a hump on my nose..and there is a hard hump on my bridge at the place of the it swelling or my bone??? READ MORE

Callus Resolving After Rhinoplasty?

I have a callus on my bridge after rhinoplasty..will it resolve itself and how much time will it take??? READ MORE

Irregularities on Nasal Bridge 2 Months Post-op?

Two months ago I had open rhinoplasty to remove a huge hump..and now there are some irregularities on the bridge at the same place of the hump,but they are not visible..My... READ MORE

Hard Bumps on Bridge 2 Months Post-op?

2 months ago I had open rhinoplasty and now there are hard bumps on my nose. When I push them they temporarily flatten out..will they resolve in time? READ MORE

Red Moles On My Face?

Hello...about two months ago a red mole appeared on my face..under my eye..I am thinking of removing it...but worried because the eye area is so delicate and I am afraid that... READ MORE

What Are the Causes of Cherry Angiomas?

Hello..I am 20 years old and I have got a red mole on my face..I guess it is a cherry angioma..What are the causes of cherry angiomas and how to stop their development? READ MORE

Hard Bump?

I had open rhinoplasty 4 months ago..and a hard bump appeared on the bridge of my nose..its not a bone because when i push on it,it flattens out temporarily..its getting... READ MORE

Hard Bumps 10 Months Post-Op Rhinoplasty

I had open rhinoplasty 10 months ago to remove a hump.. After the operation there is a hard hump (callous) on my bridge,but it is getting smaller in time..will it resolve... READ MORE

Hump 10 Months Post Op? (photo)

10 months ago i had an open rhinoplasty to remove a hump.. After that I have some callus in the same place of the bone, but it is getting smaller... Can massaging it help it... READ MORE

Hard Ball in Eyelid, What is it? (photo)

I have something like a hard ball in my upper doesnt hurt at all,but it is visible.what is it and how is it treated? READ MORE