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I think these so called Board Certified Plastic Surgeons get their CERTIFICATION out of a cracker jack box. It is evident they don't have to perform accurately or to any standard! READ COMMENT

Did the doctor make a second incision. The pics look like there is a white line in the crease and then the new line. How long are scars for this size implant. The are silicone. READ COMMENT

I can't see your scars from augmentation or removal... You are really looking good. Glad you found your doctor. Where did you take the fat from to transfer. Do the sites look ok from where it was taken. I need to have fat transfer for... READ COMMENT

Well, I think the PS just didn't have enough knowledge and experience with fat transfer. I had a consultation with Coleman...he said expect 80%...even though you don't really know how much will stay. Sounds like you have about a 10%... READ COMMENT

Have you posted pictures after the revision you have already had? I didn't read your whole blog...what did the surgeon who did the revision actually do? Thanks for your time. READ COMMENT